I teach Ceramics at Morley Adult Education College in North Lambeth. Here I meet many students, young professionals, retirees and some with time who want to learn something new. When asked what brings students to choose ceramics, many reflect on past memories working with clay. Positive thoughts remembering their first pot made after following their desire to play again.  


I recall the first time I saw a potter on a potters-wheel. I was eleven years old. I know now it was a kick-wheel. Silently, with ease, manipulating the clay with his hands while he kept the foot moving in time, in beat, in rhythm. It stuck with me. As a teacher I believe I bring a sense of fun and play to my classes. As a tutor I stay flexible and creative which then encourages students to find their own path while learning the process and techniques of clay. I value the importance of lifelong learning. Without doubt, further education enhances society and enriches the personal lives of adults.
This I know only too well with my own studies.


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